Art Direction, Props, Sets

Apple Computers/House of Usher girl_in_archesCrest/M80
Lexus/ Froomer Pictures
Bell South/John Marshall/Villains
MCI/Open Frame
AT&T/ Gartner Films
Nestles/Shotgun Punto
The Pharcyde MTV/K.D. Saddler
Nescafe Ice Coffee/GMS
Air France/J Walter Thompson
Abbey International/Stark Films
94, 95, 96, & 98 Kent International/Froomer Pictures
Master Card/Coppos/Satos/Thomas
Ohlsson Beer/Leon Producciones
Monsoon/Limelight Productions
Delial Suntan Oil/Director s Film Co.
Raffaelo Chocolates 94’/Director s Film
AT&T/Portelly Films dock_in_water
L Oreal/Sonzero Pugliese Associates
Heineken Beer/Licata International
Kellogg s/Walker Dobney
Corona Beer/Foster Productions
The Bold & The Beautiful/CBS
The Young & The Restless 95 & 96/ CBS
Forces of Nature/ Dreamworks