DP, Cameraman, & Underwater Services


Commercial Clients & Projects:

  • Westin Hotels
  • Globetrotting/ BET
  • AT&T/ Caribbean 99 Campaign
  • KY Silkee 2000/ Compass Films
  • Fresh Milk Ocean view Prod/ Amsterdam
  • MTV, Germany/ Me, Myself & EYEwork_boat-200
  • Hyundai/ St. Thomas
  • Coors Light/ Pilot Films
  • Shearson Lehman/ Epoch Films
  • AT&T/ Flicks Productions
  • Sunkist/ Foot, Cone & Belding
  • Vitelco/ Flicks Productions
  • H.Stern/ Flicks Productions
  • Kawasaki/ The Association
  • Weekend at Bernie s II/ Victor Drey Productions
  • A Woman Named Jackie/ T.V. Mini Series
  • Bare Essentials/ Republic Pictures


  • Science of the Deep/ Discovery
  • Violent Earth Series/ BBC
  • Restoring America s Estuaries &
  • Mona Island Restoration/ NOAA Fisheries
  • Washington National Symphony Orchestra,
    Year of the Ocean NOAA Concert Video Hosted by Jean Michel Cousteau
  • After the Spill: Restoring an Estuary &
  • A Community Approach to Habitat Restoration:
  • The Adobe Creek Story/ NOAA Fisheries
  • Earth Before Man/ Documentary
  • Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve/
  • NOAA Studio
  • Columbus Iselin Coral Reef Restoration
  • National Marine Sanctuaries Program
  • Fish Nursery Habitat in the New York Bight:
  • Beyond the Estuary
  • National Sea Grant Program